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E-Ink : 1 million de livres électroniques

E_ink_logo Communiqué de presse sur le site de eInk hier qui annonce qu'ils viennent de franchir le cap du million de livres électroniques produits utilisants la technologie Vizplex de seconde génération:

"San Antonio, Texas, May 28 2009 - E Ink Corporation, the leading developer and provider of ePaper, will show a wide variety of products in high-volume production using E Ink Vizplex® Imaging Film at the SID Display Week 2009 International Symposium and Exhibition.

eBooks Go Mainstream

More than 1 million eBooks using E Ink Vizplex Imaging Film are in use today. The combination of low power and readability makes E Ink's technology ideal for eBook applications and is helping eBooks reach the mainstream market. The New York Times reviewed both the Amazon Kindle 2 and the Reader Digital Book PRS-700 from Sony in February and said the E Ink display in each is "extremely satisfying to read at long stretches." Oprah Winfrey called the Amazon Kindle her "favorite new gadget" on her afternoon TV talk show last fall. Late night talk shows, prime time dramas and multiple other mainstream media are referring to eBooks as a common device.

E Ink will demonstrate many of these eBooks featuring E Ink displays at booth #681:

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